Balloon Ring Buckle 10pc/set

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Balloon Ring Buckle 10pc/set
Balloon Ring Buckle 10pc/set
Balloon Ring Buckle 10pc/set

Easy to use and convenient DIY tool. 
This balloons connectors is durable and useful. 
You can use it to make a beautiful arch that decorating a party, wedding, or to make a standing Balloon Pillar.


Step 1: Preparing full air balloons, and knotting the balloon. 
Step 2: Placed the balloon to the tail section of connector.(A buckle with four slots can be snapped four balloons. The effect of two groups with a balloon chain effect is the same.) 
Step 3: All the balloons are in accordance with the second step in the card to the buckle. 
Step 4: Taking all finished balloons through the pole, making a slight adjustment, then a balloon chain is finished. 
Step 5: Wearing the pole to the base that be watered. A beautiful arch on the well. 


Package Included: 10Pcs/set Balloons Arch Buckles